Embracing environmental justice speaks to an emancipatory political expression that contends with the material possibilities of author's human survival and their capacities to thrive on Earth. Beyond the extremes of focusing on the danger to human subsistence, climate changes caused by the avarice of neoliberal policies and corporate exploitation are on a serious collision course with the biodiversity and well-being of the planet. In response, the Earth's forces are stirred in unexpected ways, leaving people vulnerable to weather calamities and other so-called natural disasters. The author embrace of environmental justice, then, is vital to a personal and political existence without borders. It shapes his relationship between body, politics, and pedagogy, providing the full contours for him personal and political commitment against all forms of imperialism against all ways of being that defy freedom from militarism, exploitation of labor, cultural domination, linguistic genocide, gender and sexual repression, all matter of violence, and escalating incarceration.