My work as an entrepreneurship scholar began under the tutelage of Richard M. Hodgetts (University of Nebraska and Florida International University), a brilliant management scholar who helped me understand the value of significant research work. He also taught me the art of developing impactful textbooks that could define a field in many ways. I took great pride in coauthoring a number of leading books with Dr. Hodgetts, beginning with Effective Small Business Management in 1986 (that book was successful through seven editions culminating in the 2001 version). The other early book was entitled Management , published in 1988 and finding successful adoptions through three editions ending with the 1991 version. The development of these books, as well as my early research efforts in small business management issues, provided insights to me about the newly forming discipline of entrepreneurship. Through my research and teaching in this emerging field, I recognized the need for a comprehensive textbook to lead the field. So, in 1986 I set out to write this comprehensive book that would provide a framework for the new field of entrepreneurship. Hence, I wrote Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Approach with Dr. Hodgetts as my co-author. Because this field was so new and seemingly small in development, it took several attempts to convince publishers that this book had an eventual outlet (including my offer to write the first edition for no royalties). I succeeded, and the first edition was published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1988 and was immediately successful.