This chapter discusses a broad overview of war narratives in the Hokkaido media. It narrates some context is essential for understanding collective memories in Hokkaido. The chapter gives some military history feeds into collective memories. The local broadsheet in Hokkaido is called Hokkaido Shinbun, referred to hereafter by its nickname Doshin. The Japanese name evokes the dominant narratives of colonial Hokkaido, namely that Hokkaido was developed through the toil of its pioneers and official Hokkaido history lauds their achievements. The Kitami Regional Museum of Science, History and Art are a general museum in the city of Kitami in northern Hokkaido. Hokkaido clearly possesses a distinctive set of local memories sustained by and reflected within a vibrant local media addressing such issues from a Hokkaido vantage point. The chapter presents various case studies of local history and war memories in Hokkaido as lived practice.