This chapter draws on the concepts of habitus and pedagogic identity to explore the ways in which pedagogic identities are formed and nurtured by experience and environment. It identifies the attainment issues with some broad suggestions for change, but there is clearly a great deal of scope for additional reflection and data gathering to test the findings and further develop appropriate ameliorative interventions and solutions. A specific spotlight falls upon the significant attainment gap of Black and minority ethnic (BME) students compared to White students. The Wolf Report concerns over the poor attainment of students entering university with A-level equivalency qualifications drawn largely from BTEC and other level vocation and education training (VET) courses. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) End of Cycle Report shows that the growth in participation in higher education by disadvantaged young people is disproportionately skewed towards lower tariff providers using BTEC qualifications to support progression.