Fast motorized transportation of people and cargo is instrumental for consumption in contemporary societies with their specialization of functions at dierent locations. Cargo needs to be transported between dierent units in the manufacturing process as well as from manufacturers to retailers. In urban areas of developed countries, private motorized travel contributes to well-being by increasing opportunities for residents to purchase wide assortments of goods, patronize restaurants, visit recreational places and attend entertaining and cultural events (Leyden, Goldberg, & Michelbach, 2011; Reardon & Abdallah, 2013). In sparsely populated rural areas, private motorized travel is essential for sustenance. Private motorized travel is sometimes in itself enjoyable consumption (Moktharian & Salomon, 2001). Driving a new luxury car on a recreational journey is an example of this. The downside is that the unprecedented increase in private motorized travel is primarily responsible for a number of local, global and societal consequences that threaten people´s well-being.