This chapter explores the experiences and challenges of running English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes in the centre given reductions in funding, a situation which gives rise to frustration in a tough economic climate where scarcity of employment already precipitates negative attitudes towards immigrants. In practice ESOL learner needs are complex and varied and move beyond the mere acquisition of functional English language skills. Getting to Grips with the English Language is a project which began in 2007 at the Portlaoise Adult Education Centre to promote English language learning amongst adult migrants accessing part-time English classes. It gives tutors and adult literacy students the chance to interact with and better understand the lives of newcomers. Learner-centred education underpins good adult literacy work in Ireland because it assists in responding to the real needs of adult learners. Finally, the whole centre approach of Getting to Grips with the English Language involves students, tutors and management.