Volleyball (Mintonette) originated as an activity in 1895 at the Springfield Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) that was designed to be less strenuous than the newly-established game of basketball, 1891, at the same YMCA. It has developed into a team sport where rebound and movement predominate, unlike any other team sport, where time of possession and ball control are recorded. Indoor volleyball, generally 6-player and single-sex, continued to diversify throughout the years to coed play, outdoor beach/sand doubles and indoor sitting. Expansion and progression continue throughout the world, initially through YMCA global investment as well as Second World War soldiers sent to Europe and Asia. The sport has developed to include Olympic competition and World Championships to international professional leagues in men’s and women’s indoor and beach/sand outdoor. The sport has produced many superb players and administrators as well. Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Lang Ping, Flo Hyman, Mary Jo Peppler, Harry Wilson, Doug Beal, Karch Kiraly, Gene Selznick and Sinjin Smith are highlighted in this chapter.