This chapter presents the results of the study of Vygotsky's personal papers in the family archive. It also succinctly presents the results of the investigations carried out in the personal archive. The chapter reconstructs the idea of the monograph Foundations of defectology and deciphered and systematized practically all of Vygotsky's notes. The notebook of Vygotsky begins with a note that adds to The psychology of art and the Tragedy of Hamlet and discusses Alfred Adler's idea of supercompensation. Vygotsky pointed out that his main goal was the search for a method that allows the study of the dynamics of consciousness and he called this method 'semic analysis'. It is known that Vygotsky took Hamlet, the work he read all his life, with him to hospital. Vygotsky always identified with its protagonist and his last words were those of Hamlet that he was ready.