This chapter examines the situations and concerns of sexual minority or lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning/queer (LGBQ) students in three East Asian Chinese societies, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, based on the concepts of heterosexism and rights-based sexuality education. It summarizes the community support services for LGBQ young people provided by three non-profit organizations (NPOs) in these societies: the Gay and Lesbian Campus Association in China (GLCAC), the Tongzhi Hotline Association in Taiwan (TTHA) and Project Touch in Hong Kong. This chapter argues that, in view of the influences of heterosexism and the deficiencies of inclusive learning environments and right-based sexuality education in school settings, community support services provided by NPOs play a pioneering and essential role in not only raising public awareness, but also filling the educational and service gap for LGBQ students. It reveals that differences in their founding initiative and legal frameworks have impacts on the financial security, staffing, positioning and service accessibility.