Sustainable schooling, as presented in this section, refers to the implementation of global educational agendas which deal with sustainability education and sustainable development. Following global demands for the past 40 years, sustainability education has made sufficient steps to pave a path for globalization in educational systems in the region. However, UNESCO progress reports suggest an alarming truth that education worldwide falls far behind in reaching the benchmarked decade-long (United Nations, 2005/14) and millennium (United Nations, 2012; 2015) sustainable development goals (SDGs). Comparing the process of implementation with a passenger who moves north inside a southbound train of globalization (Orr, 2003), sustainability educators in the region face a dilemma of educating and motivating students as sustainable citizens and present and future leaders in the realities of the diverse and somewhat unstable societies of the Asia-Pacific region. Could individual actions stop the train and change its course towards a more sustainable direction?