The significant role of information and communication technology (ICT) in driving change in many aspects life, including economic development, is well documented. In reforms of technical and vocational education (TVET) that have become a prominent feature of the educational landscape in the Asian region, ICT is often one of the priorities that can help educational institutions meet the demands of the labor market as well as to manage and deliver training programs. There has been an increased focus on ICT skills development in the TVET curriculum in both developed and developing countries in Asia. This chapter analyses some achievements and challenges related to ICT use in TVET in Asia. A framework designed as a set of conditions critical for ICT’s effective integration in TVET is presented that has been developed following an examination of promising practices in the region. The chapter illustrates each condition, by ICT-related practices from different countries in the region, thereby presenting an overview of the ways learners’ development of digital literacy and ICT technical skills can be supported in TVET in order to meet the requirements of a modernized, rapidly changing world.