The purpose of the study was to investigate alienated and disaffected students in Asia and the development of their civic attitudes. The study involved students from Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia and Thailand. Data was retrieved from the International Civics and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS 2009). Latent profile analysis (LPA) was used to identify alienated and disaffected students across the five Asian societies and multinomial multilevel logistic regression (MMLR) was used to explore factors related to group membership. Based on LPA, three groups were identified: the Outsiders, the Moderates and the Active Participators. The results showed that Outsiders scored lower on all conventional civic values and tended to endorse negative civic behaviors. The results of MMLR showed that gender, parents’ interest in political and social issues, students’ expected education level and home literacy were the most important predictors for membership in the Outsider group.