GasTerra buys and sells natural gas. For 50 years, GasTerra has been supplying gas to the major Dutch industries. The company buys gas from domestic and foreign producers and on the open gas market. Because of its strong purchasing position, GasTerra is an important link in the energy supply chain in the Netherlands and Western Europe. GasTerra promotes the safe and efficient use of natural gas and is active in the development of innovative applications. The company pays particular attention to energy supply sustainability and initiates various related projects. Its core values are performance orientation, improvement orientation and customer orientation. GasTerra employs around 200 people, who work at its office in Groningen, the Netherlands. Most employees are higher-educated professionals who fit the typical profile of modern knowledge workers, combining highly interactive with highly autonomous work activities. GasTerra's culture can be characterised as professional, open, informal and no-nonsense.