Across the seven countries involved in the e-EAV project, populism of right-wing parliamentary political parties and movements is openly hostile towards migrants, Muslims, Roma, gay and lesbians, and other minority groups. In literature there is no consensus whether populism is rather an ideology or a political strategy. As such populism enables the discursive deracialisation' of anti-migrant discourse and the further racialisation of social and political imagery and practices already embedded in the processes of re-colonisation of migrants'. This chapter analyses the research studies on populist discourses carried out under common methodology in seven European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Slovenia and the United Kingdom as part of the e-EAV project and its analysis on framing populism. Different approaches to critical frame analysis define or identify different components through which a frame is constructed. The antagonism between the interests of us' and migrants in nearly every aspect of social life is a typical feature of the populist discourses analysed.