This chapter describes the approaches to the work including, the flexible outreach model; the importance of fostering the therapeutic alliance; how to maintain a cross-cultural perspective on parenting and family mental health and wellbeing; partnership working; and reflecting on parents roles in facilitating their children's wellbeing. Raheemas story is a good example of this. A key feature of the childrens centres, which stands out as unique compared to a traditional CAMH service, are the child-focussed environments which actively encourage and facilitate interactive play and communication between adults and young children. Being non-judgmental and open-minded helps us to foster safety in the therapeutic relationship, and, in turn, this means that we can be thoughtful about cultural differences and non-Western approaches to mental health. A fundamental principle that underlies the ethos is build resilience in an urban context. The experience of security in the work is further strengthened by clear pathways to the local CAMHS team from which colleagues offer multi-disciplinary expertise.