PROFESSOR William Andrew Paton was the founder of The Accounting Review and was its first Editor (1926–1929). After a long illustrious career, Professor Paton passed away on April 26, 1991. Over the years, he has been the subject of several studies and undoubtedly will be the subject of many more. To show appreciation for Professor Paton’s legacy, I have dedicated this issue of The Accounting Review to his memory and invited some of his former students and colleagues to share in paying tribute to this giant scholar. This tribute is a collection of short essays, each signed by its author. Except for the short biography by the late Herbert F. Taggart, all are invited and are written specially for this purpose. Each essay reflects some dimensions of Professor Paton that impressed the writer. I want to thank all the authors for contributing to this tribute and to extend my apologies to others who wanted, but were unable, to share in this occasion because time and space were limiting.