The dream doesn’t always start in the same way. Sometimes I am in a hallway. Other times I am in a lab or a classroom. There are faces surrounding me—some I recognize, some I don’t—and there is only one thing I am sure of: I am completely unprepared for this. Sometimes there is a test being passed out. Sometimes I realize there is a big project due, or all of the sudden it is the end of the school year, and I have somehow forgotten or been unable to attend class up until this moment. But now (in my dream) I am there, I am terrified, and I am not ready. I don’t have a lot of recurring dreams, so these dreams in which I find myself back at school and completely off-guard have provided much fodder for self-analysis. But I haven’t had to delve too deep into my psyche to come to the conclusion that I harbor some serious guilt for never having “finished” school.