In showing that Atheism is false to human nature, that trust in God is the natural atmosphere of our moral life, that belief in God as God, and belief in goodness. It is clear that Atheism necessarily tends relatively to reduce the influence and independence of the higher intellectual and moral faculties, as compared with that of senses, social impulses, and those energies which tell upon the world. The main features of the character which Atheism, fully realized, would tend to generate in an awakened moral nature. Still, the atheist may reply that even if he admit all this, it only goes to prove that the existence of God is desirable not that it is real, not attempting to prove the existence of God. It barely touched on some of the most remarkable indications that man's nature is every way dwarfed by Atheism, and that Science, so far as it gives evidence at all, gives strong evidence of same kind.