An increasing number of firms are currently adopting cause-related marketing (CrM) campaigns through promoting disaster-related causes. This trend is confirmed within the tourism industry. Despite the existence of this phenomenon, academic research on the topic seems to be weak when focusing on the tourism industry initiatives.

We reviewed peer-reviewed CrM studies up to May 2016 with the aim to identify useful insights to be applied to disaster- and tourism-related CrM campaigns. A total of 164 papers have been analyzed. Six of these papers link CrM to tourism (three articles) and to disaster management (three articles).

The output of this first stage of the study has been later used in order to evaluate the already existing disaster-related CrM campaigns promoted by tourism enterprises. After describing some of the main CrM initiatives realized within the tourism industry, we identified the necessity to develop a new and tourism-oriented research agenda. The study contributes to filling this gap offering suggestions for further investigations.