3It may seem strange to some to ask what criticality in art, architecture, and design is good for. Is it not so deeply embedded in creative practice that it just . . . is, was, always has been, always will be? Why do we need a book to explore the idea of criticality, especially one that attempts to open up questions about criticality across creative disciplines? That criticality, criticism, and critical thinking are essential to creative practice is not contested, but rather we ask whether it is still doing its job. In a world saturated with information, ‘post-truths,’ and ‘fake news,’ perhaps we have never needed to rethink criticality more than we do today. Creative practitioners must acknowledge their role within the capitalist systems that societies are built on and question what their works says about the world and what the designed/manufactured world says about them, not only as creative practitioners and thinkers, but, more importantly, as global citizens.