Never before has Egypt’s constitution received so much attention. Never before has the Egyptian constitution been the subject of so much debate – even after its adoption. In the span of three years, Egyptians saw more than five constitutional documents – four of which have been short-lived. The most recent constitution is thought to be the most solid. Skirmishes erupted shortly after it was adopted, voicing concern that it gives Parliament unprecedented power in a country used to strong, centralized presidential systems. The constitution has barely entered into force and many of its provisions remain unimplemented. After one year of its adoption, the drafters of the 2014 constitution formed a non-governmental organization (NGO) to guard against the threat of amendment. The president of Egypt once said it was written in good will. A few months later, and in an attempt to put to rest the skirmishes that erupted, he called for protecting the constitution. This situation is reflective of the turmoil and polarization which have characterized Egypt’s post-2011 transition.