The subject of Part II of this volume is right conduct in the use of military force, which has been the major focus of military ethics. Reflecting both the broad range of specific problems in thinking about right conduct and the variety of frames within which examination of matters of right conduct has taken place, this section contains twice as many chapters as Part I: 16 as against eight. The general structure remains the same: the first five chapters (9-13) examine prominent ways of framing the issues of right conduct in terms of major perspectives prominent in discussions of military ethics: just war tradition, Kantian philosophy, human rights, international law, and domestic law; these are followed by 11 chapters (14-24) addressing special problems of right conduct in ongoing discussions of military ethics. Chapters 14-18 address issues that have arisen specifically in the context of contemporary armed conflict, while Chapters 19-24 address issues that, while perennial in considerations of right conduct in warfare, also appear in particular form in contemporary armed conflicts and in ethical discussions occasioned by such conflict.