This chapter recognizes that given the nature of the challenges faced by African states, including terrorism, no single enquiry can encompass all of its multifarious dimensions. A critical history of terrorism in Africa may also include the events in Cairo, Morocco, and other parts of North Africa where Muslim militias operating under the name al-Qaeda have targeted hotels resorts and other places where Western interests may be found. The end of slavery marked the beginning of the Afro-global phase of terrorism in Africa. The chapter argues that the history of terrorism in Africa features the Afro-Oriental, Afro-Occidental and Afro-global phases. It acknowledges the sobering fact that terrorism is one of the many challenges facing the African continent. For a discussion of trends and pattern of intellectual terrorism in Africa see: A. Oyeshile, 'Colonialism, Intellectual Terrorism and Nation-states', in Africa in Islam in Contemporary Africa, ed. Oladosu.