While most musicians consider SamulNori performances the yardsticks against which others are measured, the quartet at the National Gugak Centre has also recorded significant albums, notably the double CD released in 1992 (Jigu JCDS-0319-0320). With additional quartets at each of the Centre’s regional outposts, the 1992 album has had considerable influence, but, the album has never been available on the open market. This is because of a peculiarity of Korean law, wherein government bodies, in this case the National Centre, are not allowed to sell publications but must distribute them to libraries, institutions, and scholars. Still, the primary recordings are 20 years or more old, and the canon older still, so it is not surprising that some musicians argue new repertory is needed. This is articulated in the following excerpt from an interview discussion between Hwang Hŭi, Chŏng Ch’anul and Kim Chiyŏng, members of the Yonsei University P’ungmul Club (Yŏnse Taehakkyo P’ungmulhoe):

Against this, though, stands the reality: no additional piece has been added to the canon since 1982.