ArchDaily, July 2, 2014, accessed July 19, 2015: https://www.archdaily.com/522959/ riba-report-aims-to-put-architecture-atthe-heart-of-next-government-s-agenda/.

5 The Institute for Public Policy Research des cribes itself as the UK’s leading progressive thinktank. It is a registered charity that describes its purpose as ‘to conduct and publish research into, and promote public education in, the economic, social and political sciences, and in science and technology’. Its remit covers various aspects affecting the built environment directly, including housing. See: https://www. ippr.org/, accessed April 14, 2016. Nick Pearce was the director until September 2015. The IPPR website described him thus: ‘Nick is a Leading Voice in Progressive Policy Research and Writing, in Britain and further afield’. Institute for Public Policy Research, accessed July 19, 2015: https:// www.ippr.org/people/staff/nick-pearce. The position of Pearce on the ‘ineffectiveness’ of lobbying by the RIBA was a criticism levelled at the Institute some years ago. Debra Shipley, Labour MP 1997-2005, studied at the Barlett School of Architecture and unofficially promoted the importance of architecture during her time in parliament. She commentated various times on the need for the RIBA to be more forceful in its representations to government. See Debra Shipley, ‘Shipley Fires Broadside at the RIBA over “Ineffective” Lobbying’, The Architects’ Journal, February 13, 2003, accessed March 29, 2016: https://www. architectsjournal.co.uk/142103.article.