This chapter aims to shed light on issues concerning false reports of rape by addressing the matter of the cultural narrative of masculinities and ethnicity reflected in these reports. The approach and method of researching reports on false accusations of rape in the chapter is a phenomenological demonstration, accepting the descriptive quality of the police reports. The approach illustrates an epistemology of the phenomenological approach of bracketing preconceptions on gender. This approach will illustrate how certain masculinities become vulnerable to women's false accusations of rape. Since 8 out of 14 of these cases on false rape from the police files are based on stories about immigrant men sexually assaulting ethnically Danish women, the author have questioned the victimizations and the narrative of the 'immigrant' sexually brutal man. The cultural grammar not only signifies specific, gendered sexualities based on radical feminist narratives. It also signifies a particular masculinity that is expected to be brutal, abnormal and violent.