This chapter concerns how a specific module taught at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) both embeds and fosters musical creativity. It presents case study module entitled 'Baroque Music and Ensemble: Before and Beyond' (BME). It discusses how this module exemplifies the merger of creative, practical and academic teaching in the RCS, and how it demonstrates the usefulness and transferability of creative skills within an ever-changing and challenging performing arts landscape. Through this particular case study, we present a 'grass-roots' perspective on embedding creativity and engendering a cultural 'habitus' within music education. It is the contention of the chapter that this module provides a useful working platform to investigate the concept of creativity in the domain of historically informed performance practice (HIPP), which has, incorrectly in our opinion, often been perceived as an academic subject. It describes a teaching-based perspective on the development and output of musical creativity as we observe it within our case study.