I want to start with a confession: I want to write ‘about dance’ – almost as though, firstly, you and I were already in agreement as to what the latter means, or might mean; and secondly, as though I can ‘write about dance’, even if it remains the case that my ‘dance writing’ can only be produced from my position as expert spectator, and on the basis of the relation to ‘dance’ that this spectating allows. Spectating, almost by definition, does transform ‘dance’ into spectacle, by which I mean into an aspect of the wider, ubiquitous, pleasurable and very persuasive visual economy. Perhaps I should only write, on the basis of this limitation of mine, ‘about watching dance’, where this shift in words would, at the very least, put me in my place: I am not-a-performer, at least as far as expertise in the performance disciplines is concerned, and I am not-a-choreographer. What am I doing here? (The first answer, of course, is writing.)