In Chapter One you had the opportunity to view three brief video segments describing sensory processing disorder (SPD). In this chapter additional detail is presented for each of the senses in school settings that can create learning challenges. This is important because we need to become more aware of the behaviors that are often mistaken for a variety of mental health disorders that, in fact, may be sensory processing issues students of all ages can experience. These behaviors are described throughout this chapter. With this in mind, it is even more critical that when these behaviors are observed, screenings are provided to identify indicators that sensory processing may be at the core of these behaviors. These screenings take only a few minutes to complete and are available on the internet for teachers and parents to use at no cost. Multiple references are presented in this chapter and in the Appendix. They can save children a lifetime of inappropriate and even harmful responses and interventions. In today’s world it is recommended that all children presenting with learning and behavioral challenges be screened for possible sensory processing issues.