In this final chapter, I will launch the idea of “a music welfare state” as an ideal for the future organization of the field of music. The term “state” – in its political meaning – usually refers to a geographically bounded unit and the organizations and the apparatus that govern that unit. However, in my ideal, I am not referring to a specific state – even if my outlook is from Norway. Rather, it is connected to the ideas and principles of “the welfare state” as a form of governance (which is closely linked to the Nordic countries). One of the defining characteristics of the welfare state is the way it seeks to balance different contradictory interests – public and private, communal and commercial, statist and liberal. In this chapter, I will end up with discussing what such a balance could look like with regard to music, and assess the state of the music world today vis-à-vis such an ideal. However, to get there we need to go through some of the main findings emerging from the case studies in this book first.