This chapter examines the existing Nuclear Confidence- Building Measures (NCBMs) between India and Pakistan and highlight possible alternatives to improve and broaden the horizon of the NCBMs between the two belligerent neighbours. These NCBMs would not only thwart or at least slow down the nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan but also minimise risks of accidental or inadvertent use of nuclear weapons in the region and open up the potential of cooperation to reduce the likelihood of nuclear terrorism. The NCBMs are an extension of conventional Confidence-Building Measures (CBMs). Vocabulary, techniques and the executing process of NCBMs have basically derived from existing conventional CBMs. The chapter focuses on NCBMs; therefore the discussion is limited to within the military framework. The military CBMs assist in sharing the military information of the actors. It explains alternative measures for nuclear confidence-building between the two traditional South Asian strategic rivals. Nuclear-related military exercises by India and Pakistan further endanger the regional strategic environment.