This chapter aims to give full justice to the story of Susannah Wright, not only to extricate her from Richard Carlile's shadow but also to restore her to her rightful place in the historical record. The riot outside the Nottingham bookshop was preceded by five years of public malediction against Susannah Wright most of which took place in London. During that time, Wright's work in the London bookshop of imprisoned radicals Jane and Richard Carlile resulted in several court appearances and almost two years as a state prisoner in both Newgate gaol and Cold Bath Fields prison. While she gained celebrity as a popular radical heroine, her profile also came with much public deprecation as the She-Champion of Impiety'. Susannah Wright's experience suggests that by the early 1820s this was no longer the case. Susannah's performance at the trial, and the harshness of her treatment, made her into a popular radical heroine.