This chapter focuses on individuals as carriers for connective capacity. It specifically focuses on the role of political-public leadership and elaborates on its essential importance in connective capacity of water governance processes. In the complex context of water governance where integrated solutions are needed, political public leadership has the pivotal position to connect new and innovative proposals that encompass various stakes and stakeholders in integrated solution strategies, to the existing context of policy making. In the description of the exercise of public leadership as it occurs in practice, it makes use of an ideal-type classification of leadership behavior, the transactional, transformational and daring leadership (TDT) typology. Generally the transformational leadership type is accompanied with a high interest in the content of the specific outcome of the decision-making process. This study describes individual political-public leaders in their role of provincial delegates in the project Volkerak Zoommeer (VZ). The three individuals were delegates of the three provinces Zeeland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant.