Chapters 10-12 address the internationalisation of knowledge in R&D and production with particular focus on the period since the late 1990s. Although the general debate surrounding the globalisation of manufacturing can be traced back much further, recent years have seen a change in its relevance. The globalisation of knowledge has begun to matter – in the media, to political parties, employers’ associations and trade unions. Global knowledge – be it in engineering or on the shop floor – is increasingly important to companies and interest groups. The following chapters particularly use insights from the author’s own case studies (Fuchs 2001, 2003a, 2003b, 2005), sometimes conducted together with co-authors (Fuchs and Winter 2008, Fuchs and Scharmanski 2009, Fuchs and Meyer 2010, Fuchs and Kempermann 2012). Further literature is used to highlight recent phenomena, patterns and trends.