In a trance like state, this is what Naime, a resident of Ankara, has recorded in one of her 15 notebooks. Since Naime “hears” these sayings, she is convinced that her ancestors have chosen her as their medium and faithful record-keeper. A frequent visitor to the shrine of Haci Bayram in Ankara, Naime claims to be the 41st descendent of the saint Abdul Kader Geylani (Gilani). Far away on another continent stands the shrine of Naime’s saintly ancestor, popularly known as Ghaus e Azam or Bade Pir Saheb. Especially known for healing, the shrine is located on the outskirts of Jaunpur in north India. In the 13th century, a brick from the saint’s actual resting place in Baghdad was first installed here to form the potent threshold and locus of miraculous healing.