In September 1985, Sakamoto Kazuhiko, a retired Japanese civil servant, set out from his home in Owase, in southern Japan, on his boat, the Kazu Maru. Sadly, Sakamoto was never heard from again. In March 1987, a patrol off the coast of Prince Rupert, Canada spotted a craft floating in the water. It was the Kazu Maru, its captain missing but the boat largely intact. It had travelled over 7,200 km (4,475 miles) along the currents of the Pacific Ocean before arriving in northwestern Canada. Ironically, the small towns of Owase and Prince Rupert had been sister cities since 1968, taking part in a variety of exchanges. Today, the Kazu Maru remains on display in Prince Rupert, restored in cooperation with Japanese officials and the Sakamoto family, a symbol of trans-Pacific ties.