Her hen’s party was to be an intimate dinner for four at Tsukasa, a Japanese restaurant in Crown Street, Darlinghurst. Late in the afternoon, not long before the event, it suddenly occurred to me that there was a suite of ‘accoutrements’ that a bride-to-be might expect at such a gathering. The ‘Pop Shop’ in Oxford Street seemed my best last-minute bet. After browsing the extensive collection of gaily displayed apparel, I selected a shimmering tiara and a red sash with ‘getting married’ tastefully spelt out in small globes that lit up and flashed at the flick of a concealed

switch. I asked one of the Pop Shop’s co-owners whether he could suggest other suitable artefacts. He identified several items and added, “Of course, penis straws are a must!” And this was how I came to purchase my first packet of ‘Made in China’, flesh-coloured, plastic penis straws, a modernist object for which I now hold a great affection.