Some time during January 1936, the Pentecostal preacher and revivalist Smith Wigglesworth, from Bradford, Yorkshire, spoke to a young man named David Du Plessis, a fellow Pentecostal minister from the USA. According to Peter Hocken (1986), Du Plessis immediately knew that the words spoken to him were a 'prophecy':

There is a revival coming that at present the world knows nothing about. It will come through the churches, it will come in a fresh way. When you see what God does in this revival you will then have to admit that all you have seen previously is a mere nothing in comparison to what is to come. It will eclipse anything that has been known in history. Empty churches, empty cathedrals, will be packed again with worshippers. Buildings will not be able to accommodate the multitudes. Then you will see fields of people worshipping and praising together ... the Lord will use you if you remain faithful and humble – you will see the greatest events in Church history. (Hocken, 1986, p. 19)