This chapter analyses the role of betting operators in assisting law enforcement to eradicate betting-related corruption. The under-regulated and unregulated betting markets pose significant risks to the integrity of sports. Up to 80 per cent of all betting on global sports occurs with illegal betting operators which are subject to little or no regulation. Corruption is less likely to occur on markets where betting operators are strictly regulated, controlled and willing to provide betting and personal data to law enforcement and sporting bodies. It is therefore important to offer competitive, attractive and legal products to consumers to mitigate the attractions of unregulated betting. Betting agencies like Betfair hold key evidence in their system that may be used in the detection and prevention of match-fixing. Through Memoranda of Understanding, Betfair Australia has agreements to share information in its system with all major sporting bodies in Australia. Betfair globally has similar agreements with international bodies, including the Fédération Internationale de Football Association and the International Olympic Committee. All Betfair customers must consent to their personal and transactional details being shared with law enforcement and sporting bodies prior to using Betfair services. Betfair live monitors its betting market and certain customer accounts, reviews its historical reporting daily and investigates irregular betting activity. The investigative output and further assistance may then be provided to sporting bodies and law enforcement. Betfair also responds to information requests from sporting bodies and law enforcement. In 2014, for example, there were 419 requests for information in Australia.