Appraisal is something we all constantly do, either consciously or unconsciously, objectively or subjectively (Torrington and Hall, 1991). To appraise means to give worth and value, to determine quality and usefulness (Sayers, 1999; Analoui, 1999). We appraise the behaviour and personality of ourselves and other people. Within modern organisations human resource management formalises the process by appraisal systems on the understanding that this should be of benefit to both the individual and the organisation (Analoui, 1998), needless to say that appraisal in this context applies to all employees regardless of their position and related status. As aptly stated by Fisher (1995) performance appraisal is also a means of measuring performance in accordance with the adage: 'if you can't measure it you can't manage it' (p. 19)