This chapter discusses the relationship between the author’s woven sculpture making and education practice, detailing a key sculptural work and the subsequent knowledge transfer into workshops. Both the making and teaching delimit spatial, material and technical parameters which create the possibilities for knowledge to be emergent, and to be spatially perceived and conceived. Before the after was a site-specific sculpture commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria in 2013. A learning from this work is how eloquently weaving can map or trace movement in space, generating a form of knowledge in its own right. This process has become a responsive methodology, a teaching tool and a metaphorical opening into knowledges that emerge through movement and materials in real space and time. To this end, this chapter hopes to instigate conversation about responsive, intuitive and materials-based practices in designing for space and place. The images in this chapter both illustrate the text and are intended as poetic extension into epistemological territory not yet put into words.