This chapter explores how the Internet of People, Things and Services (IoPTS) provides both opportunities for advancing careers and concerns employees and human resource managers may need to attend to as the IoPTS becomes part of the career and technology landscape. The IoPTS will allow individuals to pursue sustainable careers, in that they will maintain work patterns over time and across multiple social spaces or contexts for employability. This framework allows a broad view of IoPTS effects on both organizational human resource management (HRM) processes and individual career management. The Too Much of a Good Thing (TMGT) effect will also be introduced and applied in order to investigate what may happen when high usage levels of the otherwise benign IoPTS occur. Will the IoPTS be too much of a good thing for human resources management? Might IoPTS be too much of a good thing, leading to unexpected and undesired career outcomes and having disconcerting effects on one’s career? The chapter is designed to provide insight to both individuals managing their careers and HRM professionals concerned with organizational-wide career management practices. Future research opportunities are offered, along with practitioner realities.