During the past year or so, under the favorable conditions of the victorious advance of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution throughout the country, the broad masses of commanders and fighters of the People's Liberation Army fighting on the first line of three-support and two-military work followed the great teaching of great commander Chairman Mao that "We must transform the Party and the world according to the spirit of the proletarian pioneers." Taking PLA Unit 8341, which achieved outstanding merits in three-support and two-military work, as a model, they warmly helped revolutionary committees at various levels and the broad masses of revolutionaries to follow Chairman Mao's great strategic plans closely by combining the great mass movement of studying and applying Mao Tse-tung's thought in a living manner with the tasks of struggle-criticism-transformation. They firmly grasped the struggle between the two classes, the two roads, and the two lines, and thoroughly "developed the ideological struggle of the proletariat against the nonproletariat." In this 337way they conscientiously transformed their world outlook, effectively pushed forward the in-depth development of the struggle-criticism-transformation movement, and made new contributions toward the further consolidation of the dictatorship of the proletariat and further victory in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.