Given that directors’ have myriad roles to play towards enhancing good Corporate Governance practices, efforts must be made to highlight evaluation criteria towards assessing whether a director is effective or not, ditto for the entire board. With respect to selection and recruitment, this chapter, using the Independent Director Council’s (IDC) framework, outlines the steps that must be taken to ensure proper selection of board members. After selection, the next step is integrating the new director into the board (‘on-boarding’) using some suggested procedures that can enhance soft landing for new directors. More importantly, regular and holistic evaluations for each board member must be done to determine each member’s contribution. It is suggested that setting board objectives at the beginning of each year for ease of check-listing during the evaluation stage is vital. Finally, the various disengagement processes for an under-performing director is expatiated. Disengagement can come either in the form of resignation or termination. Before activating the termination option, the chairman, after the evaluation, should call on any board member that is not performing up to expectation and if need be allow him to undergo further training and participate in capacity development programmes.