A quick Google (English) search tells a fascinating story: the combination “Israel” plus “security” attains 238,000,000 (!) results – considerably more than either “Israel” plus “Jewish” (142,000,000 hits), “Israel” plus “democracy” (83,000,000), or “Israel” plus “occupation” (75,500,000). True, the combination “Israel” plus “high tech” retrieves a larger number of hits (250,700,000) than does “Israel” plus “security,” but the overlap between the two searches is massive: many of the hits are, in fact, identical. In other words, as of today, almost no other concept is globally more closely associated with Israel than security. This reflects Israel’s geopolitical location – the turbulent Middle East; its ongoing involvement in a protracted conflict; and, apparently, the development of a top-quality security industry, which, thanks to the global security crisis, is now in high demand worldwide.