In recent years, the China-based social media platforms have become a widely adopted communication measure of the Chinese diaspora in Australia. This chapter will explore the adoption of major China-based social media platforms such as QQ and WeChat amongst the Chinese diaspora in Australia and its dynamics. Conventionally, the success of China-based social media platforms is explained as a consequence of the censorship and isolation of the internet in mainland China (Zhang & Pentina, 2012). However, the global expansion of China-based social media platforms in Australia, a country without internet censorship and blockage, offers a chance to review this argument from a critical perspective. If the internet users in mainland China are subject to internet censorship and isolation to adopt China-based social media platforms, why do they still use these platforms after their overseas migration? Does the technological censorship entirely isolate mainland Chinese internet users? What are the dynamics for the global expansion of China-based social media platforms?