Providing an invaluable education in a globally evolving context involves instructors teaching students to use rhetorical practices to communicate effectively through multimodal composing (Kress, 1999; Takayoshi & Selfe, 2007). With the imperative to integrate more multimodal projects (Cope & Kalantzis, 2000) into the curriculum, instructors are negotiating the inclusion and assessment of these assignments. In this chapter, we share our experiences with faculty development workshops and our previously implemented approaches for instructors across the curriculum preparing to develop multimodal assignments and expand how they understand composing, specifically in digital environments. This research explores the assessment of multimodal work, how to communicate to students the value of their composition choices, and how students can collaboratively build assessment tools. While local contexts shape learning objectives and assignments, multimodal texts are relevant in all fields and disciplines—as is helping faculty prepare students to communicate more effectively in the world today.