He was locked in combat with something inaccessible, foreign, something of which he could say: That does not exist … and which nevertheless filled him with terror as he sensed it wandering [errer] about in the region of his solitude. Having stayed up all night and all day with this being, as he tried to rest, he was suddenly made aware that an other had replaced the first, just as inaccessible and just as obscure, and yet different. It was a modulation of that which did not exist, a different mode of being absent, another void in which he was coming to life. Now it was certain, something was approaching him, standing not nowhere and everywhere, but a few feet away, invisible. … He felt ever closer to an ever more monstrous absence that took an infinite time to meet. He felt it closer to him every instant and kept ahead of it by an infinitely small but irreducible splinter of duration. 1