With increasing interest in global health has come a variety of standards and guidelines designed to help health professionals and trainees understand the best practices associated with participating in a global health-related experience (Ahn et al. 2015). The history of standards and guidelines for global health research is far more extensive than for global health practice. It is only recently that organisations responsible for training and education programmes abroad have begun talking about and developing standards and guidelines (AmeriCares Medical Outreach 2013). These programmes often overlap with those focusing on volunteering and service. The volunteer, service and mission sector has also engaged in evolving efforts to set standards and best practices (Stone and Olson 2016, International Medical Corps 2016, Medical Teams International 2016). This chapter will highlight a few of the guidelines and policies that have been developed in the past decade, including the WEIGHT guidelines, the World Medical Association (WMA) policy statement, and the Forum on Education Abroad Guidelines.