Civil Society Organizations in Latin American Education: Case Studies and Perspectives on Advocacy, a contributed volume edited by Regina Cortina and Constanza Lafuente, presents in-depth analyses of the advocacy strategies employed by civil society organizations (CSOs) working to improve public education in Latin America. It focuses on the social and political advocacy of CSOs—approaches increasingly utilized by civil society itself as individuals become more experienced and active in education matters in the region. Through original case studies, the book explores the roles, strategies, and challenges of CSOs advocating the right to quality education in Latin America. Building on relevant education and social science research, this collection provides new insights into civil society participation in the region. It fills an important research gap in the literature on CSOs by exploring the evolving advocacy strategies used to pursue education reform in Latin America. Thus, this book will be a rich resource for students, researchers, policy makers, civil society non-governmental actors, and all stakeholders committed to ensuring equitable and quality education for all in Latin America.